Ish Monroe – Oneida Felt Great

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IshBlogWell, Phat Frog in the house! I had a great week at Oneida winning the Bassmaster Northern Open; it is SO awesome! It is so hard to explain getting on a good frog bite and a good River2Sea Trash Bomb bite. You know, it was completely insane. In three days, I guarantee you; I caught one hundred bass during the actual tournament event. You know, the Snag Proof Phat Frog was in full effect; Poppa Midnight, caught some on Crystal; caught some on Platinum Plus. I mean, it was just UNBELIEVABLE!

The bass were schooling in the grass beds and then I could flip some out of the grass beds; it was just completely insane, just so hard to describe, but it also feels great; you know, to get another win under my belt. First B.A.S.S. Open win which, hopefully, there will be more along with some Elite Series and Angler of the Year and all that good stuff!

But, back on the road again this week, heading back to Cali; got lots of business to take care of; many different things going on and I will probably have some interesting news coming up for you folks in the next few weeks.

And then next week I will be home working and I will try to squeeze in a little fishing – heard the Cal Delta bite is pretty good; Flippin’ and Punchin’ on the Delta; maybe even Clear Lake; heard fishing has been pretty good there too, so, looking forward to getting home and getting some things done.

I also won a boat at the event, so if anybody is looking for a boat – let me know!