Video – Advanced Install – Rigid Industries Backup LED Lighting

Bucks Skeeter Yamaha

Jason IntroOur motto here at Advanced Angler is to help Elevate Fishing to the Next Level.  Be it a how-to article, a pro tip video, our Under the Lid series or our Advanced instal videos, all of them are designed to help you get more enjoyment and success with your hobby.

Today, our Staff Writer Jason Duran walks us through how to install some LED backup lights on his pickup.  These lights, made by Rigid Industries, the sponsor of Elite Series pros Brandon Palaniuk, Josh Bertrand and FLW pro Justin Lucas are designed to help you see more, and launch your boat more safely in low light conditions.

In this latest Advanced Install video, Duran shows us how he picked his install location, how to assemble the lights and some step by steps to installing and wiring the lights.

Its a great way to add a touch of safety and convenience to your truck.