Video – Field Dressing a Casting Reel with Reelspeed Lubricants

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One of the most neglected pieces of equipment in our arsenal is a reel.  For being the one moving, functional thing that directly ties us to the lure and our fish, we certainly treat them as utilitarian, “use ’em up and toss ’em out kinds of tools.”

A reel, like a vehicle, can last for years with a little bit of cleaning and maintenance.  But, even more importantly, a properly cleaned and lubricated reel can make casting easier, the lure can go farther and a smoother reel means an angler feels the lure more, and hopefully a strike or two as well.

Team Xtreme Lubricants has a new product called Reelspeed Tournament, a cleaner and dry lubricant that makes cleaning and lubrication easier.  The dry lubricant particles are carried in a solvent base that evaporates after cleaning and removing old oils, dirt and grime, leaving behind a dry, particle based lubricant that is bonded to the reel materials.  This is some high tech stuff that makes cleaning and lubricating reels a breeze.

Tim Goldberg, the CEO of Team Xtreme took the time to show us how to do a little maintenance on the fly, before an event, an outing or even on the water with his product.

This one makes reels work better –  Find out more at, and watch for it to come to soon.