Video – Strike King Pro Team Journal Rewind – Like Father Like Son with Allan and Alex Ranson

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Allan and Alex Ranson CloseupMost of us get into fishing because a family member introduces us.  If we think back to the first time we held a rod and reel in our Allan and Alex Ranson Fishinghands, it usually involves a dad, a grandfather, an uncle or a sibling that introduced us to the sport.  In fact, the most prominent method for increasing the number of fishing participants is to take one of our own children to the lake with us.

Today, on the latest Strike King Pro Team Journal Rewind, we get to see the relationship that is built through fishing represented in the father / son team of Allan Ranson and his son Alex.  Ranson is one of the executives at Strike King Lure Company, and as you will see in this episode, has invested time into his son’s enjoyment of the sport, as well as  his skillsets.

So, in this episode of Pro Team Journal, the Ransons use a pair of Strike King Finesse Worms on offshore ledges while fishing Pickwick Lake, and they even show off a little with the Strike King Tour Grade Football Jig and Rage Craw too.  But, most importantly we get to share in a dad and his boy outside, fishing.

As always, this Pro Team Journal Rewind is brought to us courtesy of Strike King Lure Company and Shazzaam Productions.