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BrandonPalaniuk2013ClassicInDepthBOKCenterEntryRussellville, Ar. (March 12, 2013) – Bass Mafia, a division of Mafia Outdoors, maker of the world’s toughest tackle storage, is excited to announce the addition of BASS Elite Series Angler Brandon Palaniuk to their pro staff.

“Brandon is a young guy who has exhibited a tremendous amount of talent in his short time fishing the Elite Series,” says Bart Langley, Owner and CEO of Mafia Outdoors. “He has the skills and attitude to ensure that he will be around for a long time. That’s the standard that we set for both our pro staff as well as our products. They must be good enough and tough enough to excel for the duration.”

“I have been using the Bass Mafia Bait Coffins for quite a while now. Those things are nearly indestructible!” remarks Palaniuk, who has won an event and qualified for the Bassmaster Classic three times in just three years on the Elite Series. “The durability and functionality of the Bait Coffin is unparalleled. Nothing else out there even comes close.”

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