Boyd Duckett – Statement about Carl Jocumsen at Winyah Bay

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Boyd Duckett Onstage at Guntersville - Photo by Dan O'Sullivan - AdvancedAngler

Boyd Duckett Onstage at Guntersville in 2015 – Photo by Dan O’Sullivan

I am stunned. I’m absolutely blown away at what Carl Joccumsen said publicly about how we fished around each other last week in the Elite Series event. I promise you, I mean I PROMISE you that his version of what happened on the water is not what happened. And I’ll add this: There were other people around AND there is video that will confirm that he’s not being honest. In fact, we actually worked well together. What’s even more frustrating about what Carl said is that I never even caught a bass on what he called his sweet spot. … The next few days, I have to attend Major League Fishing meetings and then I’m traveling to Bull Shoals. But sometime in the next few days, I plan to address all of this more fully. In fact, I’m thinking now about whether I need to take some type of action other just giving my side of the story. This is wrong.