Wacky Rigging with Zack Thompson and the CHT Double Wacky Hook

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Zack Thompson Wacky Rigging

Zack Thompson Displays his CHT Double Wacky Rig Hook

It seems that something new hits the bass fishing world almost daily.  Some new technique that will revolutionize fish catching, or some new technique that will do the same takes center stage frequently.  It is that innovation that signifies the spirit of the angler.  Come up with a problem, and someone will find a solution to it.  Bam! Fish in the boat.

The wacky rig has been around for a long time, but there have been inherent issues with hooking and landing fish on the technique.  One California angler, former Basssmaster Tour and Forrest Wood Cup competitor Zack Thompson of Alameda, Calif. has come up with a new double wacky rigging hook that helps anglers put more fish in the livewell, where it matters most.

We caught up with Thompson at the Ultimate Bass Radio Lake Pardee Media Day over the weekend and he showed us how to rig his new hooks, and more importantly, how to fish with them.

Check out the video, and if you want to try some of these fish catchers, you can get them at www.monsterfishingtackle.com.