Evolve Fishing Now Shipping Assorted Models of Hard Baits

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Suffolk, NY (EVOLVE Fishing Co., known for innovative soft plastics like the VibraGRUB, DarkStar Swimmer, KOMPAK Craw, Nervous Walker hollow-body frog and more, is proud to announce that its subsidiary, Soul5 Tackle Labs, is now shipping hardbaits. And they’re not just any hardbaits. Each has the level of craftsmanship discerning bass anglers expect in Japanese Domestic Market bass baits, yet without the insane price tag. “Our goal is to bring extremely high-quality, application-specific baits to serious anglers at a price that’s realistic,” says Derek Carr, EVOLVE Fishing Co./Soul5 Tackle Labs founder and president. Three models have recently been launched and are now shipping, including the Muscle Squared 65 squarebill crank, Rovermax LR 110 topwater pencil-style bait and Flat Sider 75 oyster-bill crank. More models to be released before yearend and into 2014. Soul5 Tackle Labs Muscle Squared 65 The Muscle Squared isn’t your average squarebill. It’s actually several shallow water baits in one. First, thanks to flattened sides and a comparably tall body profile, it fishes incredibly as a wake bait. But with a steady, moderate retrieve the bait will slow-roll with a wide wobble at two feet. And speed-rip the Muscle Squared 65 and it’s ideal for probing heavy cover and rocks in two to four feet of water. MSRP $6.99. Watch the bait in action here. Soul5 Tackle Labs Rovermax LR 100 The Rovermax LR is designed to produce a smooth, tight walking action, even in rough water. Hence “LR,” as in “Low Rider.” Unlike many pencil style baits, which require an aggressive posture and arm/wrist action, the Rovermax LR cuts through chop and slithers low to the water with the simple flick of the wrist. This fatigue-fighting feature comes from Soul5’s incorporation of a 3D cone under the bait’s chin and careful management of buoyant weight vs component weight. The bait features strategically placed rear knockers for unbeatable castability, ultimate, fish-catching sonics and also allow the bait to sit partially submerged at rest. MSRP $7.99. Watch the bait in action here. Soul5 Tackle Labs Flat Slider 75 Soul5’s Flat Slider 75 is a hybrid lipless, flat-side, squarebill, and traditional shallow crank combined, drawing from the best, fish-catching characteristics of each. For starters, the Flat Slider is perhaps the thinnest crankbait on the market, resulting in one of the most lifelike bluegill and shad profiles available. Additionally, its oyster-style bill maintains the rolling, swimming action seen in a standard round-bill, but flares out at a wide angle to capture some of the cover-deflecting qualities of a square bill. Thus, the bait can be fished aggressively around moderate cover without hanging up. Couple the bill design with several strategically fixed-forward weights, and this short-billed bait can achieve depths of almost 4 feet. Vibrate. Roll. Wobble. Flat Slider 75 is an all-season bait that will excel in numerous key situations. MSRP $6.99. Watch it in action here.