Kurt Dove Youth Fishing Camp

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Kurt Dove’s Pro-Bass Camp held June 26-30, 2013 at Lake Amistad, Del Rio, Texas was presented by The Donald R. Kemp Youth Hunting Club and supported through the PAA, BoatUS Foundation and Texas Rare Earth Resources

Kurt Dove’s Pro-Bass Camp came about a few years ago when two friends, Kurt Dove and Chase Kemp, decided to take their passion for fishing and infuse it into young anglers. 2013 marks their second camp season of what will become many more in the future. Bassmaster Elite Series angler and PAA Board member Kurt Dove enjoys what the camp does for the youth and for him. Kurt said, “When this camp first started, I would have never guessed how much satisfaction you get when you provide someone else with your passion for a sport.” Now Dove says he can’t imagine a summer going by in the years to come when he doesn’t put on a fishing camp for kids. Kurt added, “I have a huge smile on my face all week while fishing and working with the campers.” Kurt was able to enlist a lofty roster of pros and top fishing guides as educators at the camp. Instructors were: Harold Allen, T.R. Andreas, Denny Brauer, Kurt Dove, Debra Hengst, Chase Kemp, Olin Jensen, Sam Limon, Dave Mansue, Tim Reneau and Tyler Wilson. The PAA salutes and thanks every one for providing safe and clean on-the-water education to these youth.

Young Anglers learning from the Best Pros in our Sport

Dave Mansue Reflects on the Camp

Dave Mansue, a past President of the Professional Anglers Association, was one of many professional anglers that got involved as instructors with the eighteen (18) youth campers recently at Lake Amistad. Here’s what Mansue of Hemphill, Texas had to say about his experience:

I wanted to share with you the awesome experience I had as an instructor at the Pro-Bass Camp June 26-30, 2013 on Lake Amistad, Texas. Bassmaster Elite pro and PAA Board member Kurt Dove and New Mexico resident Chase Kemp developed an incredible week of instruction for kids ranging from 12 to 18 years old in order to help them improve their skills and responsibilities as anglers and boaters.

The 18 students ranged from a champion of a high school fishing team to rank beginners. Each day, the youth were paired with a different pro, learning from the best about map reading, electronics, fishing and boating techniques applicable to different conditions and more. Some of the pros like Denny Brauer, Harold Allen, Kurt Dove and Tim Reneau brought some pretty impressive resumes to the Camp, but all instructors were accomplished and well-known in the fishing industry.

After completing daily on the water instruction (6:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.), the students were provided lunch, and in the afternoons, it was off to Power Tackle to learn about rod building on Thursday (Day 1). Students learned how to paint crankbaits and pour soft baits at CR Custom Tackle on Friday afternoon (Day 2). On Day 3 (Saturday afternoon), the students were given a lesson on fish care by Charles Stewart courtesy of Sure-Life. Also on Day 3 the students took part in a seminar on boater safety, invasive species and being responsible stewards of our outdoor environment.

Each evening the students participated in some very competitive pitching and flipping contests which included daily and overall awards.

Sunday was tournament day. After going through a draw for partners and pros the students competed in a six hour tournament where they had to apply all that they had learned during the week. The pros were present but not allowed to assist.

These kids were awesome! Each one was extremely passionate about the sport and the learning process. They were not only respectful of the pros but also of each other. It was amazing to see them work with one another to succeed.

After being exposed to these kids, I am confident our environment and the future of our sport are in good hands.

I can’t wait to be part of next year’s Camp. – Dave Mansue

Made Possible by the BoatUS Foundation Grassroots Grants Program

Kurt Dove’s Pro-Bass Camp was provided supplemental funding by the BoatUS Foundation Grassroots Grants Program which awards nonprofit organizations like the PAA with funds for the promotion of safe and clean boating education. Over the past 20 years the BoatUS Foundation has awarded over a million dollars to local community organizations, yacht clubs, flotillas and squadrons to fund projects that promote safe and clean boating on our local waterways.

The BoatUS Foundation grant awarded to the PAA in 2013 was earmarked for use with three youth events: the Texas High School Bass Championship this past April, the Timmy Horton Alabama High School Bass Championship in May, and Kurt Dove’s Pro-Bass Camp held in June. The BoatUS grant will also make possible a series of four (4) three-hour seminars to be administered by PAA pro instructors for young anglers at Bass Pro Shops store locations later this year. Additionally the BoatUS grant provides the PAA resources to create information packets/staff instruction for anglers at upcoming PAA events regarding boating safety. What an awesome program! Thank you, BoatUS Foundation!