Lazer TroKar Hooks for Saltwater

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Denver, Colorado – New for 2013 from the world’s first manufacturer of Surgically Sharpened fishhooks, is a full line-up of precision fishing instruments geared solely towards the saltwater angler.

Lazer TroKar, known for producing the sharpest fishhooks on the planet, has launched a comprehensive line of hooks that will pierce and penetrate the toughest of mouths that cruise the world’s oceans. With its symmetrically engineered threesided point, superior quality wire and heat-treat and complete with welded eyes on select styles, there isn’t an array of hooks available that compete with Lazer TroKar.

The full saltwater line-up starts with the TK3 & TK4 Lancet Circle. These hooks are a light-to-mid wire circle hook with a wide gap and welded eye, offered in sizes 1/0 – 9/0. Available in both an offset (TK3) and non-offset (TK4) version, the Lancet Circle is ideal for a myriad of species, techniques and fisheries.

The TK5 AP Circle is a money maker! Based on perfected and proven designs in the billfish tournament world, the TK5 AP Circle is sure to provide consistent hook-ups and retention rates. Offered in sizes 7/0, 8/0, & 9/0, all in Non-Offset Tournament Approved designs.

Live Bait fishing is as popular as ever from coast-to-coast, and Lazer TroKar is now manufacturing the world’s finest live bait hooks. When targeting inshore or near shore species such as Redfish, Snook or Sea Trout, the light wire TK7 will be the ideal hook, available in sizes 2 – 4/0. When conditions and target species call for a more robust design, the TK8 Extreme Live Bait HD offers its services. The heavy wire design and welded eye of the TK8 is optimal for chunking Tuna and Stripers and is available in sizes 1/0 – 8/0. Inshore enthusiasts will be pleased to see the popular Kahle® design utilized in the new saltwater family of TroKar hooks.

The new TK9 Inshore Kahle is the perfect hook for live or dead bait, especially when rigging shrimp. Available in sizes 1/0 – 5/0, the TK9 Inshore Kahle’s deep gap and wicked line-pull ensure consistent and sure-fire hook-ups.

Lazer TroKar is now offering the TK10 Saltwater Straight Shank for those saltwater enthusiasts that desire a longer shank and wider gap. Of course, the welded eye of the TK10 goes a long way to ensure your hook-ups make it all the way to the boat. Available in sizes 4/0 – 7/0, the TK10 is perfect for toothy predators and when trolling live or dead bait.

Big Nasty!! That’s the new moniker given to the TK11 Extreme Octopus. Whether fishing for Sturgeon or Halibut in Alaska, trolling for Dolphin, or side-drifting for Salmon, the TK11 Big Nasty offers you a perfect solution. Complete with welded eye and offered in sizes 2/0 -7/0 the Big Nasty will be applicable to species across the country.

Ideal for Kingfish and other aggressive predators that pull like a freight train, the TK315 4X treble will hold up to the punishment. Built with straight points and a regular shank, the TK315 is one fish-hooking machine. Use for a premium replacement trebles on all lures and when fishing live-bait.

All Lazer TroKar hooks feature their premium Black Chrome finish, specifically tailored to withstand the corrosion and abuse that fishing in the salt presents. MSRP for TroKar saltwater hooks is $21.99/retail. All hook styles have a varied piece count per size.

For more information on TroKar, be sure to visit their website @ where you can download screen savers, view tech info about styles & sizes, visit the TroKar pro’s, check out trick TroKar apparel and much more. Connect with Lazer TroKar on Facebook® and Twitter®.

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