Dave Lefebre – Thanksgiving and Walleye

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LefebreBlogI hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday, we sure did. It was special this year because we had dinner at my Grandparent’s old house for the last time. As most of you know, my grandma passed away a little over a year ago.

Since then, we moved my Gramps into a smaller, nicer house that we purchased right next door, and now we are using the old house to store our belongings until we get our new house built next spring. Anne and I worked hard to clear out the old dining room, get the heat going, and get tables and chairs set up. But it was so worth, we had a wonderful time with family and all the food was perfect! We will be demolishing that old house when we start to build the new one early next year, so that’s why Thanksgiving was a little more special this year. Their house was always the place where family gathered and we will try to carry on that tradition in the new house.

After Thanksgiving Day, we went to State College, PA to hangout and eat more turkey with Anne’s family. Her brother had a bad sore throat, and now as I sit here typing, I can hardly swallow. So thanks Uncle Tony, at least I beat you down in boxing on the Play Station, lol. We had a great weekend to say the least, now it’s time to work off the pounds.

I’ve been fishing quite a bit lately. I got my boat order in last week and think I have all my sponsor stuff lined up and ready to go. Still waiting on that new deal I told you about a couple weeks ago, but it is looking good too. So there is plenty of free time to do some angling and stock the freezer up.

The walleyes are biting at a lake called Pymatuning, about an hour from my house, so that is where I’ve been spending most of my time. I’m catching them on 1/4oz Rattling Raps and 1/4oz blade baits, jigging them vertically in 18-24 feet of water. It’s something different and really is a lot of fun. Our limit on walleye is 6 fish and I’ve been getting 6 almost every time, though the last couple trips have been getting tougher.

Soon I will start going to the Allegheny River, fishing current with big creek chubs. We’ve had a lot of rain lately, so the rivers are too high right now, but this is usually prime time for that…can’t wait, I hope to get down there by this weekend. There’s nothing like catching big walleyes in the dark while your boat fills up with snow, ha ha, I love it. Speaking of snow, we are supposed to get our first major snow storm of the season this weekend or early next week…Bring it!