TH Marine’s New G-Force Culling System

Bucks Falcon Mercury

TH Marine GForce Culling SystemIn a tournament, time and accuracy is paramount. T-H Marine’s all new G-Force Cull System has everything you need to quickly and accurately cull your catch for the optimum weight. Tested and endorsed by B.A.S.S. pro Gerald “G-Man” Swindle, this is a winner!

The G-Force™ Cull System is the only culling system that prevents piercing the fish every time you need to cull. Our unique design allows you to connect the cull float cord directly to the balance beam without rehooking the fish. This method is safer and gentler on the fish, helping to keep your fish healthier for weigh-in and supporting conservation.

Our all new culling system consists of an all aluminum balance beam and handle and six (6) vinyl covered culling lines with 2-1/2″ color coded buoys and stainless steel hooks. This is the only system that allows you to handle your fish only once. Simply select the two fish you want to test and slip the loops on each end of the balance beam slots…instantly you know which fish to cull.

There are many culling lines and balance beams available but we have combined the complete kit in one convenient package.

The G-Force Cull System by T-H Marine = More Fishing Time & Maximum Weigh-Ins

•Straight From The Live Well To The Balance Beam
•Aluminum Beam Will Not Rust
•Allows Quicker Culling – More Fishing Time!
•Only System That Handles Fish Only Once
•2-1/2′ Oval Buoys – Color Coded
•Stainless Steel Hooks