Aaron’s Magic: Harris Chain Preview

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MartensBlogThe Elite Series Harris Chain of lakes event kicks off tomorrow. The fishing is as usually for the Harris Chain some bed fish, flip fish and possibly some reaction fish. I can get a lot of bites, but the average size fish is small. It’s hard to catch even a two pounder. If I can get a limit of 2’s and a decent kicker I’ll be all right.

I did find four or five really good bed fish, but I think half the field probably found the same fish. So I needed a really good boat number, something under 10 or 12. I drew boat number 98 so that takes care of the bed fishing. The only chance I had to catch a really big bag was bed fishing. There will be some 17,18 even 20 pound bags, but most of those will have bed fish.

The bed fish I found are over 8 pounds, so I am really bummed. They were easy to catch too. Just going to check on them takes a lot of time because of the no-wake zones. With over a mile of idling each way, it’ll take a while just to go check to see if anyone caught them.

Now I am going to have to go fishing. It’s a little disheartening. I haven’t had more than 12 pounds in pre-fish, but I haven’t been hooking a lot of them. There may have been some big ones. I never really hit my areas real hard.

As for the top 12 cut prediction, the guys that catch big weights on day one are going to struggle to catch 10 to 12 pounds the second and third day. It’ll take 43-45 pounds to make the top 12 and I am not sure I can catch that. It might take as little as 36 but, most likely it’ll be 40-something.

As for the fishing, it should be a 50/50 mix with I am going to tie on my Megabass VibrationX Ultri-vibe silent model and cover some water. I might even tie on Megabass XPod top water bait. That’s a pretty cool bait with an adjustable lip that can make it chug or walk.