Boyd Duckett – 2013 Classic Day Two

Bucks Skeeter Yamaha
Power Pole
Bucks Falcon Mercury

I’ve had a steady, consistent two days of fishing so far at the Classic.

Unfortunately, steady and consistent won’t win you a Classic. It will help you fish on Sunday, but what I needed was one monster-bag day, and that hasn’t happened.

I thought I was on a pattern that could win this. I really like Grand Lake, and I caught 22 pounds in practice just this week. But the unbelievable cold changed everything.

In fact, I haven’t yet caught any fish back in the creek where those 22 pounds were. It’s possible that they’re just gone.

I’ll check back in there tomorrow, but I’ll also go out trying to find new fish.

It’s been a little frustrating because I’ve burned a lot of miles and time chasing fish, when I know – absolutely know – where they were.

But I also know that’s the nature of our sport. Things change, and you have to adapt.

Early next week I’ll put out the next column I’m going to write. It will be my Saturday Scorecard, where I grade my performance in key areas.

It will be an interesting exercise after this week.

One other thing. I got an interesting question today. It was: How many MLF penalties would you have acquired today?

I said I think I can speak on behalf of most MLF anglers and say that we all might have gotten more than 10. Our fish hit the carpet. We thrown them back into the water. And I wouldn’t be surprised if there wouldn’t have been a few conduct violations.