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McClellandBlogThe biggest part of this week has been spent getting myself back into the swing of things on the business side of the game after the Holidays.

I’ve been finalizing truck and boat wraps, getting my jerseys ordered and setting up the display for the Hefty booth at the Classic. Hefty, my title sponsor is releasing a whole line of One Zip bags designed for anglers and hunters called the Sportsman’s Series. I’m helping them get all of the backdrops and displays organized so that they can display the organization system I set up in my truck and boat with the Sportsman’s Series.

HeftyOneZipSportsmanI say that I’m setting it up, but everyone’s getting involved; Stacy and the boys are helping, and my dad, who has been doing outdoor shows for many years has been a huge help. My dad owns accompany called Pro Locker, that makes rod sleeves, reel covers, lure wraps and his most popular product are his Pro Locker bags, the original rod carrying bags on the market.

A lot of the Elite Series pros carry these bags because they can put their spare rods in it and put them in the back of the truck for travel. They’re organized and protected that way, and even more importantly, they’re all in one place.

My dad’s business was responsible for me becoming a tournament fisherman. We went to the 1995 Bassmaster Classic on High Rock Lake in Greensboro, NC when Mark Davis won. That was the first time I’d been to a major show, and really got the bug to do this for a living.

Anyway, my wraps are approved by all of the sponsors, and they’re at the wrap company getting installed. I thought I was going to be able to pick up my rig this week, but they want it to stay in the warmth of the shop a little longer. So, I’ll pick up my newly wrapped Hefty Sportsman’s Series Toyota Tundra and Stratos Elite 210 next week and start loading it with tackle.

McClellandBuoyStorageI’ll be getting together with Don Wirth in the next couple of weeks to do a Day on the Lake article for Bassmaster Magazine. We’ve been watching the weather, and getting ready for it. Things look good coming up, and with the cold weather, I’m sure I’ll be able to catch them on a McStick, McRip or a Jewel Football jig.

Around all of that, I’ll be traveling for each of the next several weekends for Stratos to boat shows and in store promotions. This weekend I’ll be in Minneapolis at Warner’s Dock, next week in London, Kent. at Pittsburg Marina, then Bedford Marine in Chicago, Dawson Marine in Houston followed by Freedom Outdoors in Wheelersburg, Ohio.

After that, it will be time for the Classic, and I’m getting ready.

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