Skeet’s Beat – The Frozen North Back from Mexico – Work to Do

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SkeetBlogWe’re now home from our family vacation in Mexico, and the weather was a rude awakening.

We were wearing flip flops and shorts down there, swimming in the pool and basking in the sun, and it was much different when we got home. There was ice on the fountain and standing water and the sky was thick with fog. We’ve got the heater on and we’re still all dressed up like Eskimos. This might take a few days to get used to.

I’m sitting on the couch watching football playoffs and getting travel plans pulled together. Saturday’s games were great, but I hated the outcome of the Colts and Jets game. I’m a big fan of Peyton Manning, and to see them lose on a last second field goal sucked. Sunday’s games have been a little different, but they’ve been fun.

SkeetMexicoParadiseNow that we’re home, it’s time to get back to work. The girls start school tomorrow, and I’ve been working in my to do list. The boat and trailer have been at Sticky Graphics in Roseville, Calif. getting wrapped. The trailer is done, and he’s working on the boat; says things look good, can’t wait to see them.

My to do list includes unpacking boxes of my sponsor products for the year. My shop has got a bunch of boxes in it that have my Trilene and Spiderwire order for the season, as well as a bunch of new soft baits from Berkley and Hardbaits from Lucky Craft. I’ve got some TroKar hooks to add into my storage boxes as well as some backup rods and reels from Wright & McGill Co.

Along with unpacking the shop, I’ll start packing for a camping trip this next weekend. We’re taking the trailer to Dillon Beach for a little bit of time with the family. We’ll take the shrimp pump and get some grass shrimp to use as bait for the perch, I’ll do some poke poling for eel and we’ll fish for crab too.

That meal will be awesome; a boiling pot of Dungeness crab and a pan full of fried eel and perch; I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.

We’ve only got about a month left before we leave for the official Classic practice period and I’m getting excited thinking about it. I’ve got a sport show to do at the ISE Show in Sacramento in a couple of weeks, and that will be cool, I always see some old friends there.

Anyway, that’s about it from here, talk to you next week.

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