Bradley Roy – Saving Fuel with Biobor

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Bradley Roy BoatA couple years ago I tracked the amount of gas I used on the 8 event Elite Series and it totaled slightly less than 1,000 gallons.  That’s not even including non-Elite events, breaking in the motor, practice trips and just fishing to learn new techniques.  I figure I used 1,500 gallons in total.  That’s a lot of fuel.  Of course I didn’t get to the lake without driving my diesel truck either.  I drive about 30,000 miles a year in my Chevrolet 2500HD so that’s another 2,500 gallons of diesel.

In total I use around 4,000 gallons of fuel in a year.  That’s some heavy usage right there and that’s one reason professional anglers are valued by companies to test products and endorse the ones we use.

I treat 100% of the fuel that goes into my boat and truck with Biobor EB and MD and here are the three main reasons I do so.  1 – Increased fuel economy 2 – Decreased wear and tear 3 – Improved performance.

Let’s talk about increased fuel economy.  I’ve experienced a 5% increase in fuel economy since using Biobor MD in my truck and 10% from my outboard with Biobor EB.  That equates to a savings of nearly $500 in diesel and over $500 a year in boat gas.  The cost of the Biobor product to treat that is a less than $200.  I will spend $200 to save a grand all day long.

Decreased wear and tear is the secondbenefit.  When I am done with my Triton boat at the end of the season I sell it to prepare for the next one.  The past two years I was able to deliver a boat and motor that I knew was in tip-top shape.  The reason why? – I had treated every drop of fuel for ethanol with Biobor EB.  Ethanol is the #1 problem with outboard motors today – just ask your local marine technician.  Using Biobor to treat ethanol increases resale value.

Better performance is my final key reason for treating my fuel.  Every year I tinker with the propeller, jack plate configurations and weight disbursement to squeeze every ounce of speed I can out of my boat.  Biobor EB helps me get another mile an hour from my outboard and that’s a huge deal to me.  I also appreciate the smoothness of my outboard when idling.  Nearly one half of my outboard’s usage is at an idle speed spent scouting areas and watching my electronics.  Idle speed is tough on a motor so treating it with Biobor at every fill-up is a must.

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