Ish Monroe – Business as Usual

Power Pole

IshBlogI had a couple of days off over the weekend and it felt great! But it is time to get ready for the 2012 season. Even though I still have a couple of events left with Major League Fishing and Ultimate Match Fishing and Fish ‘n Chips put on by Mark Jeffrey’s from

But it is time to get started; for placing orders – I just placed my order for the new Daiwa Ballistic rods and T 3 Reels and pretty excited because a couple of boxes just showed up from River2Sea with all the good products that they have, you know the Bubble Pops and the Trash Bombs. I’m just super dooper excited about getting all that stuff that will wind up in my boxes!

And so, I will pretty much be working on business stuff. Had a great meeting with Cocoon Eyewear – talking with them about some new products that are coming out and the boat wrap design for next season; things have been really super dooper busy here lately.

So, like I said, business as usual, looking forward to talking with Lowrance and meeting with them; seeing if there are any new products coming up.
And then, you know, getting fired up for the whole season.

I’m thinking that I might get in a little bit of salmon fishing while I have a little bit of time off; how much I love the salt water, or just fishing for anything other than bass sometimes is just the same amount of fun!

So, until next week – good fishin’!