John Murray – Lake Mead Still Rising

Power Pole

MurrayBlogAnyway, it’s Tuesday and I just got back from Lake Mead; that’s a whole lotta lake right now!

The lake has come up another twelve feet from the U.S. Open; and I hear it is going to come up another 30 to 40 feet possibly. So it is just a carpet of salt cedar, shredded cover and tules. We were probably catching 40 to 50 fish a day; not a lot of keepers but we wound up with 19 some pounds and 10th place out of 110 boats.

I needed that big kicker, just never got it. Caught most of them on River2Sea Rovers and Hi-Dep 65 crankbaits. It was pretty much a reaction bite for us. When you found them, you found a whole lot, there was a lot of dead water in the lake, but when you got into the schools you caught a bunch fish out of one area.

So, fishing is good at Mead; I mean it is going to get better. Congratulations to Ray Hawk and Mark White for winning that tournament; they are two great fishermen and couldn’t deserve it more.

Anyway, I am back in Phoenix; fishing tournaments in Roosevelt and Pleasant. Going to be doing a lot of guide trips too, so if anybody is looking for a guide trip get a hold of The Hook Up and I’ll be able, be happy to get you out on Lake Pleasant or Lake Roosevelt or any of our local lakes and catch some good fish!

Other than that I am just enjoying Arizona weather, drying out and ready to get fishing some of the local lakes.