Zapped – Pro Powered Electronics with James Niggemeyer

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James NiggemeyerZapped 1By now you know the Advanced Angler motto – Elevate Fishing to the Next Level.

In that context, we embarked on a venture to help readers learn more about using their electronics to get the most out of their fishing.  In today’s world, the technology of high end fishing systems, digital mapping with products like Navionics and baitfish stimulators like the Hydrowave; understanding how to use everything is a must.

We sought the help of the pros – those anglers who use electronics to make a living to help us better understand the concepts behind establishing your own strategy for using your electronics.

This time, we sit own with James Niggemeyer; Bassmaster Elite Series pro from Van, Tex. to understand how he uses his electronics every day while fishing for a living.

Without further adieu,  Zapped – Pro Powered Electronics with James Niggemeyer