Dave Lefebre – Four Week Swing – Sam Rayburn

Bucks Skeeter Yamaha

LefebreBlogOnly one more week before I go home and see my family, been on the road now for
four weeks. I’m at Sam Rayburn at the moment practicing for the last FLW Tour
Open and its pretty tough down here. A major cold front rolled through
yesterday, the high today was only in the 50’s. It is supposed to get warm by
Thursday, the first day of the tournament, which will probably change
everything. I just finished my second day of practice and I’m not feeling too
good as of yet. I’m not having too much trouble catching bass, its just the
bigger ones that Sam Rayburn is known for that I’m having trouble finding. I’ve
got one more day to try to figure it out.

I finished 13th at Lake of the
Pines which was a blessing. I really had no business entering that one but I
gambled and won, lol. I had a week off between the Toyota Texas Bass Classic on
Lake Conroe and the FLW Tour Open, and the EverStart on Pines was right in the
gap and not too far out of the way. I spent $1420 total and won $1412 plus $100
in rider fees, so I made out like a bandit. It was a good week, I met a lot of
good people, and hopefully I’ll get to go back sometime in the springtime when
the lake is showing it’s true colors.

Conroe didn’t go so well this year
however, I finished 35th I think. I had a 30 plus pound day during the first
practice day, but it went down hill from there. The rain really killed me. It
was painful to go from catching giants to not even being able to catch 14 inch
keepers during the tournament, but that happens sometimes.

Hopefully this
week will go better at Rayburn. It is awesome to finally get to fish this lake,
its kind of weird that I’ve never been here before. I’m in 3rd in the points and
need to stay in the top five to qualify for next year’s Forrest Wood Cup, my
main goal for the week!