Dave Lefebre – From the Scrap Heap

Power Pole

LefebreBlogI feel like a pro-scrapper now for some reason. I look at everything I pass while driving across town and wonder how much it’s worth and if there’s any copper or brass in it, lol. I’ve spent five days hauling various types of metal to the scrap yard, and the last three days moving our furniture into Big Box storage units and Grandpa’s garage. I’ve been fishing only three times since getting home from Table Rock, MO 2 ½ weeks ago. I’m pretty sure I’d rather fish for a living, but scrapping is a bit addictive I must say. I made over $1000 dollars in rusty old metal, copper, brass, and aluminum in three trailer loads, not too shabby, a lot more than I was expecting for sure…and I made a rookie mistake on the aluminum that cost me $200. Live and learn. The money from scrap will almost pay for the tree removal scheduled to begin later this week.

Oh and while packing plastic totes this week, I found all my old sponsor clothing, most of it brand new in bags with tags still on them. I sold most of it dirt cheap to buddies and made $2600, which will almost pay for the electrical lines and poles I’m having put in next week…funny how things work out sometimes.

Now the old house is completely empty and ready for demolition. I have bittersweet feelings about it. It is exciting to be getting close to starting our new house, but it will be so sad to see Grammy and Gramp’s old house go away too. We have so many great memories in that house over the years. I practically grew up there. Our plan is to make our new place open to family and try to bring back the family closeness my Grandparents always encouraged for so long. My Grandma was the glue in our family and since she passed last fall, things have been different. I miss her so much. She was looking forward to seeing our new house, now we are looking forward carrying on the tradition that she so beautifully set in place.

I could go on and on about her…sorry.

Anyway, now its time to start thinking about Beaver Lake. I’ve heard nothing and know even more nothing about what’s going on down there, lol. The water was high when we left the area, I can only assume the worst, it will be clearing and falling for our tournament. I hope it will be high, but I always plan for the worst-case scenario.

Well Smiley and I have a mess of crappies to fillet, so I’ll talk to you all after practice next week sometime!