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MurrayBlogI’m at Oneida Lake; ready for the last Northern Open of the year.

I haven’t had too good a track record here so I am just going to go out fishing! I spent four days fishing here and Wednesday I didn’t go out because it was pretty rough. I fished for largemouth hard for the last two or three days of practice and I never found them, so, I’m going smallmouth fishing.

I caught one small mouth between four and five and some other three pounders so I’m going to do that for two days and just hope basically that I get lucky, I mean that is what you’ve got to do here. You’ve got to get those little bit bigger smallmouth to win here if you don’t have the large mouth going, and I don’t have them going.

So I am looking forward to a couple of days of smallie fishing. I am going to be using a couple of River2Sea products and see what happens; I’ll tell you all about it next week, and hope the story has a good ending.

I think part of this strategy here is really timing; so I think I have my timing down and so I think I know what the fish are doing at different times but again, these are smallmouth, so you never truly know!

We are in a salmon fishing town here in Pulaski and the salmon fishermen are just loading up right and left. Went up to the fish hatchery and saw these 20, 30 and 40 pound King Salmon up there swimming up the fish ladders; which was pretty cool!

I got a little different taste this time of year up here in New York and a lot different out West, I’ve really enjoyed my trip up here and hope I catch a few fish!