Ish Monroe – In North Country

Bucks Falcon Mercury

IshBlogWell, what can I say? I’m out there fishing again and I’m really happy to be fishing again.

You know, the life of a tournament angler is rough sometimes; staying home for a month and a half and working on sponsorship stuff, then have to get out and fish at a high level.

You know, it’s pretty much work on the sponsorship side of things, which is not always a bunch of fun. But, I’m back to the fishing again.
Lake Champlain was last week with FLW, and this week it’s a B.A.S.S. Northern Open on Oneida Lake.

Things have been pretty interesting lately, I got kind of stir crazy just kind of hanging out and wanting to do something so, I’m back out fishing; back on the road.

Again, 3500 miles one way; the trip wasn’t so much fun; but overall, it’s nice to be back on the road ; going up north; catch some of those northern bass that love the PHAT frog and you can definitely Punch them on the one and half ounce River2Sea Trash Bomb. So, I am really excited about that; other than that, just keeping things going with the clothing line and TEAM BASS ADX, we are getting a woman’s line there so we’ll hopefully have that ready by spring of next year.

I’ve been working on getting my head ready for the Classic and the things that I need to do to be ready for the Red River. I may even go out and practice the Classic now and then. I’ll be heading back home after my little northern swing, then I will be home for a while; time to sort things out and get the Ranger Boat ordered and ready for next year.