John Murray – Lake Erie Wrap Up

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MurrayBlogI just got done mowing the farm, so that was a fun day! But, anyway, I’ve been laying low the last couple of days after two hard weeks on Lake Erie. The first week at the Everstart Tournament in Buffalo, I had a great start and the last day I had a little mechanical difficulty and ended up 10th place; which was sorta frustrating.

I knew I was on some pretty good fish, but you know you gotta look at that stuff when you are out on big old Lake Erie, I mean there was some, even on the calm days, there were three or four footers beatin’ the heck out of you. So, went over to Sandusky the next day and really, had to wait for the service crews to get there to get a fix.

I didn’t get back on the water until Monday evening, so I really didn’t get until Tuesday to practice on Sandusky, so I sorta put all my eggs in one basket, going east toward Lorraine, and that first day of the tournament the wind blew out of the northwest and it was just stacked with eight to ten footers out there and I just didn’t have it in me to go down there, I just really didn’t after getting beat the week before.

So, I sorta chickened out and went to fish large mouth and didn’t catch much. So the last day I just kinda stayed around; my partner caught three nice four pounders that last day. So, I knew I wasn’t going to do any good at that point.

So from there, I went up from there to Michigan, had a day on the Lake Don Wirth for Bassmaster Magazine had a great time and now I am back in Illinois. So we are just going to hang out on the farm for a couple of weeks and get ready for Oneida.

We’ll probably try to get to Oneida for a few extra days of practice so that I won’t be unprepared for that tournament. It’s my last shot at the Classic – you know I have done well on that lake in the past and I’m going to spend some time and see if I can figure something out to do well there. So that is about it, having a great summer and hope we can keep going.