James Niggemeyer – Getting Ready to Go

Power Pole

NiggemeyerBlogIt has been a busy couple of weeks running around, doing some fishing here in Texas. I was able to be part of a program; it’s called Bass Life, out of Louisiana. They raise money and do different projects and really put back into the outdoors.

A couple of gentlemen had bid on a fundraiser for a fishing trip with me. We went to a private pond and just had a blast. Bass Life is kind of the organization that does that and Synergy Technologies had actually volunteered me as a guide for the fundraiser so the guided fishing trip was their contribution to the event. Anyway, I took a couple of guys out from Louisiana, actually from the Toledo Bend area and we had a blast.

We caught a bunch of fish from two private ponds east of here about an hour. Just been doing a lot of stuff, went out and did some fun fishing, was able to get out and flip some grass around and caught a bunch on a Strike King Rodent and the Hack Attack Jig, and caught some nice ones on top water as well.

So, fishing has been good despite this heat and gearing up to get ready for some fall guide trips; also getting my 2011 Bass Cat ready to sell, which I delivered last week. So, just been doing a lot of things; taking all my tackle out, taking the wrap off which is a long arduous process. But, I’ve been getting it all done and it has just been busy; been go, go, go and then I’ve got my new order in for my 2012 Bass Cat powered by a Yamaha SHO with

Humminbird electronics and an Atlas jackplate; just fully loaded.
I’m really getting primed up and ready to go, that’s about it for now.