New Arctic Ice Alaskan Series Cooler Panels

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ArticIceCoolerPanelsArctic Ice™ is proud the introduce its Alaskan Series Cooler panels to the outdoor enthusiasts who demand ice cold performance in their coolers! Arctic Ice™ Alaskan Series is a unique phase change material derived from plants that provides an excellent alternative to ice without the inefficiency of gel packs or waste of water. Furthermore, Alaskan Series have the potential to keep your cooler cold up to several days, something standard gel packs only dream of.

Advantages of Alaskan Series

• Prolonged Refrigerated State – Alaskan Series’ unique ability to maintain its frozen state while absorbing surrounding heat allows it to keep your refrigerated items cool for hours or even days. Standard gel packs don’t even come close to this type of performance!
• Environmentally Responsible- The active ingredient in Alaskan Series is derived from oils of plants, not petroleum products or caustic salts, and is completely biodegradable.
• Re-Usable- The active ingredient in Alaskan Series is tested continuously for freeze / thaw cycles without any loss of effect. Additionally, the Alaskan series comes in a dishwasher-safe, highly durable HDPE container designed for a lifetime of use. Containers are also made from recycled materials.
• No Mess – Ice melts into a wet mess, potentially damaging bait or food in your cooler. Alaskan Series keeps your cooler super cold and dry!
• We can customize any type container for our customers, if you can dream it, we can build it!

Why Arctic Ice™ Alaskan Series is Better Than Ice or Gel Packs:

Alaskan Series active ingredient is environmentally responsible, made from oils of plants, it contains no petroleum products, no propylene glycol and no caustic salts.

Alaskan Series has been tested and shown to provide longer cooling potential than gel packs or equal weights of ice.

Alaskan Series does not give off any greenhouse gases and is completely biodegradable.

Alaskan Series is packaged in a HDPE container made from recycled plastic.

Alaskan Series panels are dishwasher safe, can be stored in a freezer or in ambient temperature settings until needed. Simply charge the panel in a freezer for 6-10 hours prior to use.

About Arctic Ice, LLC: Arctic Ice, LLC was established in Brookings, South Dakota to provide a high yield, long term, rugged & reusable ice substitute that offered efficient results at affordable prices. Thermal cooler control is now available in different temperature ranges providing the outdoor enthusiasts the ability to extend their outings without the hassle of replenishment. Offering products is 4 diverse sizes to fit most every application from lunch box size through large industrial coolers and designed with a rugged outdoor use in mind. Made from non-toxic & biodegradable all natural plant oils and housed in a HDPE blow molded container made from recycled materials. Arctic Ice, LLC is designed from nature, for nature. For more information on Arctic Ice, LLC please visit,, @arcticice1, or call 605-696-2508.

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