Video – Spring Transition with the Informative Fisherman

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At Advanced Angler, we love to learn more about fishing, and we tend to focus on the pros because they are the biggest wealth of information of fishing tips.   Well, there are a whole group of professional anglers out there who rarely get mentioned in national press because they don’t compete on the big circuits, and those are the guides.  Guides make a living by putting people on fish day after day and by teaching people more about finding and catching more.

One of those guides is Andy Cuccia, who makes his living guiding on the California Delta.  “Cooch,” as he is known to his followers and friends, is one of the best at fishing a jig and pig regardless of the time of year.

Nick Smith, otherwise known as The Informative fisherman from his web TV show, The informative Fisherman, spent a couple of days with Cooch on the California Delta using jigs and small swimbaits to target largemouth bass in transition from winter to spring patterns.

This episode of Informative Fisherman was filmed in the days after Randy Howell won the 2014 Bassmaster Classic, and the pair of anglers correlates Howell’s winning spot on Lake Guntersville to what they are seeing on the Delta, despite the fact that they are different fisheries.

This installment is part of a new friendship between Advanced Angler and The Informative Fisherman, which is a multispecies show filmed primarily in Northern California.  Smith, the host of the show is great at helping anglers better understand the things that he and his guests are demonstrating.

Enjoy a day on the Delta with Nick “The Informative Fisherman” Smith and Andy “Cooch” Cuccia.