Dave Lefebre – Going Against the Grain FLW Tour Major #2 at Lake Hartwell

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LefebreBlogI just finished the last practice day for the FLW Major on Lake Hartwell, SC. It’s hot down here, it was almost 90 the day I got here and in the 80’s again today.

I spoke to Anne and the kids earlier and they said they were under a winter weather advisory back home, ha ha…amazing. I sure miss them. I think they are coming down though for the second day of the tournament and Anne’s Mom is planning on making the trip too, so that will be cool.

My practice didn’t really go all that great, but I do feel like I can catch some at least. The weather is so hot and the water is warming so quickly that I think this event is really going to be a major slug-fest. I saw water temps in the 70’s today and I guess the fish have started spawning, but I didn’t spend any time looking for beds,

I spent all my time in the mud way up the rivers. I hope it pans out, I know I’m going to miss the whole sight-fishing deal and that honestly scares me a bit. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see, I think there will be several bags over 20lbs this week, a good day for me will be more like 14.

Tomorrow is our day off and I have a ton of work to do in the boat. I figured something out today that is completely opposite of what I thought I was going to be doing, so I literally have to empty the boat of everything and repack.

I have until 4:30pm before our pre-tournament meeting starts to get everything done. I’ve got my practice partner, Alton Lackie with me, so I may have to put him to work!

Don’t forget to make your Fantasy Fishing picks before midnight tomorrow. I’ll see you on the weigh-in stage!

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