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LefebreBlog Cover2015No title yet! Probably been too selective to this point, trying to partner up with a company that makes sense to me, something that ties to me. Like Kellogg’s, that’s the one I wanted because the younger generation is a passion of mine. That crazy bright colored Frosted Flakes wrap drew them right in, and I absolutely loved having that platform. So far I’ve focused hard in that same type of arena, just closer to home, but I think it’s about time we expand. For obvious reasons this is what consumes our lives these days, so literally, everyday is spent emailing, meeting, negotiating….and a whole lot of praying.

So with literally three weeks until “go time” I don’t have my boat or motor ordered, I don’t have a truck, and I’m wearing a black T-shirt, haha! Reminds me of 2003!

Dave Lefebre signs TH MarineYuck, my dog just licked my face!

Anyway, besides this heavy weight, everything else is just marvelous and the future is promising! I picked up some new partners to compliment my long time sponsors. They are 13 Fishing, T-H Marine, and there’s a couple more I can’t mention yet. I also have a signature “something” coming out soon that I can’t share yet, but it’s really exciting. Hopefully my next blog will cover that! And I’ve been approached about hosting a TV show…Watch out Zona!!! J More details on that coming soon!

The ice fishing is off the charts this season, and though it needs to consist of work for me to justify going, I’ve been “working” a fair amount, lol. I’ve been Dave Lefebre Ice Fishing Crappiefishing Presque Isle Bay (off of Lake Erie) and a smaller inland lake called Lake Pleasant mostly. I’m a crappie nut, so the bay is my favorite, but they move like smallmouth in the summer…challenging. The good thing is that the new baits from VMC are all I need anymore, the Nymph Jig rules, if I mark one I can make it bite 99% of the time with that. And the Tungsten Tubby, also new, changed my world on the ice in the deeper water. You know what a difference tungsten makes for bass fishing, well you can multiply that by 10 on the hard-water…amazing!

I’ll keep you posted right here throughout the rest of the year. Remember to keep track of www.proweblive.com throughout the season. Their Live Main Event Seminars are completely free to watch this year! All you have to do is visit www.proweblivestream.com at the date and time of each seminar to enjoy the most convenient, most informative seminars on earth, right from your living room. Make sure to bookmark this link because there will be a bunch of seminars with a lot of the top pros passing by throughout the season. If you want to interact, ask unlimited questions, and have the shot to win lots of prizes, you have to buy a VIP Front Row Seat, or an annual VIP Gold membership…all the info you need can be found on the website: www.proweblive.com. We got the G-Man in 2015…Yeehaw!

Talk to you later! ~D