Fish with Ish – Another Marathon

Bucks Skeeter Yamaha

IshBlogWell, we are still fishin’!

Fished Mark’s Outdoor Tournament last week and that’s insane! Five hundred fifty boats and I finished 20th which was decent, okay? You know, I wanted to win, but that’s the way things go. So, I’ll take top twenties for the rest of my life in my career and you know throw a win in there every once in a while, I would really be good with that.

Off to West Point Lake!

Fish are in a lot of different modes, it’s kinda weird, there are not a lot of bed fish, there are a few here and there, post spawn fish, seems like there might even be some pre spawn fish and they are not really acting different so fishing is obviously evolving and you have to do something and you have to change with it!

I’m really looking forward to the tournament, hopefully I can keep the momentum going from catching that giant, 10.15 almost call it 11, one ounce, what’s one ounce? Well once ounce could be a million dollars for somebody. That could be the difference in winning a tournament or not winning a tournament. Look at Dean Rojas; he could have tied with one ounce!

But, looking forward to it.

Murray, swim bait bite; really looking forward to that especially with the new Rago Baits.

Team Bass ADX is goin’ really good, starting to get some stores out in the South and the East Coast which is great, but, you know, go out and get you a shirt or a hat or a sweatshirt or something like that and enjoy it!

Team Bass ADX Gear

And as we say; on to the next one; I will talk to you guys next week.