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LefebreBlogRight now I’m enjoying an unplanned vacation. As most of you know, our last FLW Tour event at Table Rock was canceled because of severe flooding in Missouri. I was there and it was simply unbelievable how much rain fell and how fast the water actually rose. I spent about four days in a cabin at the Lighthouse Lodge in Kimberling City. I want to thank Roger, the owner, for his hospitality and letting me stay there at such short notice. If you ever make the trip to Table Rock for a tournament or just a fun fishing trip, The Lighthouse Lodge is in the perfect spot on the lake, the cabins are very clean, and right on the water. We really like it there and I’m confident you will too.

The cancellation was a bitter sweet deal for me actually. I obviously wanted to fish the event, especially in that type of conditions, but I had been so worried about Anne driving the Diesel while towing 25,000lbs for 16 hours too. I was so relieved that she didn’t have to load up the kids and make that trip without my being there; it scared me as I’ve talked about in the last couple blogs. So for that reason I was thankful for the cancellation.

An Unscheduled Break Dave ToadWe also found out a couple days later that the event will be rescheduled for Pickwick Lake, AL in July, and that is great news as well. I love the Tennessee River and Pickwick has been very good to me in the past. I think July will be the perfect time for me too, looking forward to that one for sure.

Our next event is scheduled for the Red River, La. in a couple weeks, so as soon as I found out Table Rock was a “no-go” I jumped in the truck and drove straight home to Erie, PA. I think this was longest period of time I have ever been separated from Mitchell and Macy since they were born, so I was pretty excited to get home.

I’ve been home for about a week now and basically just catching up on things and trying to get everything re-organized. I’ve had three events back to back, so a little break couldn’t come at a better time. My boat has been soaked for weeks with no chance of drying out, it has rained everyday for as long as I can remember. I desperately need at least one sunny day… PLEASE!!!!!!

Despite the relentless rain, Macy wanted to get her rain gear on and go out in the boat on Sunday. We went to Pymatuning and had a great time. Mitchell came down with a throat infection the day before so he couldn’t come with us this time. We caught some big crappies, bluegills, and perch and even though it never quit raining, Macy can’t get enough, she’s just like me. She even helped me clean them; she kept saying “Gross”, “Oh Man”, and “Disgusting”, but she never left, ha ha. We had a fish fry that night, the kids love it and that makes me happy! Sunday was a great day and I can’t complain about how it ended either…perfect!

An Unscheduled Break Dave and MacyI went out to a little lake by my house yesterday and caught a bunch of pigs, I needed that big time. My first bite was a 5 1/2lber, which is a big one around this area. I skipped that jig up under a flooded bush onto the bank, and when I slid it into the water she boiled all over it, it was awesome! I caught about 30 bass in 5 hours on a jig and shallow crankbait in the lily pads and bushes. It was 37 degrees, foggy, raining (of course), and windy, it even snowed briefly; if you can imagine in May??? I plan on getting out a few times before we have to leave for the Red on the 13th. This is one of the best times of the year to fish around here and I usually miss it due to my schedule, I’m not going to miss it this year though for a change.

It was cool listening to Anne do a phone interview yesterday about fishing, lol. She will be featured in Beyond the Pond right here on Advanced Angler.com, so be sure to check that out, I know I will be interested to hear what she was whispering and giggling about on the phone…Oh boy!

God Bless America!