Ish Monroe – Bull Shoals to Beaver

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IshBlogWe call it back to back to back to back to back to back.

Just finished a decent tournament at – gosh, where was I at? Bull Shoals Reservoir!

Yep, they all kind of run together after a while, but Bull Shoals was a great event.

Biggie Series Baits strikes again – you know, throwing my River2Sea Biggie Poppa in you know, my favorite springtime color, called Da Heater. It’s a muted chartreuse bodied crawdad color that can double as a bluegill.

For some reason, the fish seemed to eat it REALLY well on Bull Shoals. Real consistent – you know, 14 ½; 16 ½ and another 14 ½ – I had a good time out there, and I caught lots of fish.

You know, really liking the new Daiwa Ballistic Series rods that I was cranking with – that 7’ 2” is awesome teamed up with a SteezReel – it has just been great!

Now it’s on to Beaver Lake for another event, it was really close – ONLY about a two hour drive difference, which is kind of like going from the Delta to Clearlake.

Getting’ back on the water again, you know, no sleep for the weary!
And I want to give a shout out to my boy, Brandon Polnick who was just crushing them over there at Bull Shoals.

That’s the boy!

And, I will catch up with you guys later!