Ish Monroe – It’s Time

Bucks Falcon Mercury

The season is finally going.IshBlog

Been driving all over the country, getting boats together; getting trucks together; freezing cold – warm days – fish are going to be all over the place; but the great thing about it – I’m going to south Florida.

South Florida – eighty degree temperatures!  It’s been cold down there for three weeks now – it’s going to be on fire!

Okeechobee – there’s going to be some ginormous weights down there –everybody knows, I love big fish tournaments.  Big rods, big reels, big line, big fish.

Maxima Braid – I’m going to put it to the test trying to catch giants down here.

So, I’m on the road as we speak – Arkansas to Florida; another seventeen hours to go. The fun of, what am I going to call it, a glorified truck driver – we’re not going to call it a bass fisherman – we’re going to call it a glorified truck driver.

So, off to the next event, happy to be there.

I’ll talk to you guys after the event gets over.