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LefebreBlogBoy am I tired. I just got back to my room after an early morning photo shoot for Kellogg’s. I’ve put in a long hard three days of practice and would have absolutely loved to sleep in this morning, but I’m not complaining. Now we are getting ready to head to dinner and the pre-tournament meeting at 4:30.

Lackie and I are moteling it this week in Cleveland, TN. We’re fishing the 4th FLW Tour event on Lake Chickamauga and the fishing is awesome. We are hitting it at the right time of the year and the fish are just starting to spawn here. The bad thing though is that the TVA has been lowering the water dramatically throughout our 3 day practice period, and that is making the fishing tougher every day.

On the first day I had two limits in the mid 20lb range and caught 20 fish over 3 ½ pounds, it was amazing, one of the best days I’ve ever had in a boat. In the morning on day 2, Mike Surman informed me that they were about to drop the water 2 feet. Well they had already been dropping it all night, and when Lackie and I started fishing I could see that all the places I’d caught them the day before were high and dry. Scary yes, but fortunately I had 2 more days to work something else out and I think I should be alright.

I just hope I don’t have to get out of the boat and push myself off any sandbars tomorrow, lol. I swear I’ve spent more time wading and pushing over the past two days than actually fishing. As my feet sink in the mud, I worry about one of those stupid Lamprey things hooking up to my leg, and believe me this place has a problem with them. I caught several bass with those rascals hanging off of them, way too many… strange.

Chickamauga eelsI really miss Anne and the kiddos. After this event I will be heading across the country, straight to Lake Ray Hubbard, TX to compete in the PAA All-Star Tournament and then after that heading to Table Rock Lake in Branson, MO, where Anne and the kids will meet me. She plans on driving the camper the 16 hours from Erie, PA, I’m not real crazy about that idea actually, but as of now that is the plan. That Silverado HD dually tows
25,000 lbs like nothing and rides like a car though so that’s the good thing.

Don’t forget to pick your Fantasy Fishing teams before midnight tonight and put me in the mix if you’re feeling brave. I’m looking for my 3rd consecutive top 10, and I feel that if I don’t miss too many or lose them I should do pretty well, at least I hope so. This is truly a great lake with a ton of big fish and I think the over-all weights will shock you. I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see a 30 pound sack this week and a 10 pounder or two. It fits my style for sure and I’ll be disappointed if I stink it up…very disappointed!

Talk to you all next week!

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