Ish Monroe – Prep Time

Bucks Falcon Mercury

IshBlogPrep time – yes, lots of prep time.

Thanksgiving is over; gotta prep for the season before Christmas hits. And maybe squeeze in just a little Christmas shopping.

Just trying to get everything ready to go; you know, the boats and motors are starting to come in; the tackle; all the Daiwa Steez equipment is starting to come in and I mean I am really excited about next season so I have been prepping everything.

Just got a box load of Simms outerwear and innerwear; you’ve got to layer; you definitely have to layer in this cold season.

So, is it really going to be that cold in Florida? Could be, but hopefully not, you know it has been nice down there.

Prepping for Ultimate Match Fishing in a week so I will be down there doing that and I am really excited about that; especially about the guys that I am fishing against –hmm, have to put a whoopin’ on them!

Also, you know, just making sure that everything is ready for the season; all my tackle is pretty much done, just have some things coming in – some new baits for next year, a lot of the new products are starting to hit the boat and the truck so, I am really fired up about that.

Making sure my truck is prepared; so a lot of preparation time in between Thanksgiving and Christmas, because, you know, right after Christmas I am on the road again! I think I’ll sing… ”On the road again…”

And so, heading to Florida to fish the first BASS Southern Open, you know? Try to get an early Classic berth for 2013 at Grand Lake, which is one of my favorite lakes.

So, if you get a chance, check out; check out and get some new gear!

Alright – talk to you later! Bye