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MurrayBlogI have finally packed my stuff for Brazil. My visa just got here the day before I left so I’ve been a little bit stressed about actually being able to go on the trip.

But, I am packed and ready to go. I kept it pretty light.

As far as tackle, I just got a shipment of Larry Dahlberg Whopper Ploppers and Wide Glides in from River2Sea; and I am REALLY interested to throw something like that cuz I figure if a fish is in the water that is big enough to eat those; well, I want to see that fish!

So, I can’t wait to be able to throw some of those big baits down there and see what actually comes out.

I think we are going to have an open mind about fishing down there. I think whatever bites is what I am going to be fishing for, whether it is piranha, catfish or peacocks I am just looking forward to going to Brazil – a place I have never been and do some fishing on a river I have never been and may never be again.

So, this is going to be a really fun trip; I am looking forward to it and it is once in a lifetime dream trips – you’re just really nervous to be going and get going on this trip!

So, I fly out this weekend; I’ll be back in about ten days and let you know how it goes!