James Niggemeyer – Thanksgiving Illness and B-Day

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NiggemeyerBlogIt’s the week after Thanksgiving here; Wednesday the 30th. It has been a pretty uneventful week or so.

Going back a week or so ago, I was able to get out on the water with a buddy of mine on Lake Fork; the fishing is actually pretty good. The fish – when you get around them it’s not great, but when you get around them caught one on a buzzbait; a crankbait – we got it pretty well scouted out – a little pattern there. The fish – you know you can catch them on a half ounce Hack Attack jig with a Rage Craw on the back. That bite is pretty predictable; pretty solid pattern up there on Lake Fork right now.

So, that was a whole lot of fun; caught some really good ones. Nothing really giant; probably about 6 pounds was the biggest. But that was a whole lot of fun. That was the day before Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving, my daughter and my son had 104 and 102 temps, so, I took one for the team and my wife headed over to my in-laws and spent the day with them and I hung out with the kids. No sense in us both missing out on Thanksgiving, so she ran out there and had a good time with her folks and friends and brought us back some turkey dinner and then later on, some pie. So, they just live right down the road from us and so really close so that it wasn’t a big deal at all.

And so, that was good; I hung out with the kids. It was just fun spending some time with them getting that one on one time with Daddy – Daddy time that is so important to them – and me as well.

So that was good and then on Friday, the day after Thanksgiving I figured out that I had come down with something – I just wasn’t feeling right. And, I just kind of hung low on Friday; post turkey kind of tryptophan kind of deal.

Then on Saturday I thought, man, I feel pretty good, so I got to working in the garage. I like to do a lot of tinkering; not necessarily building a new mouse trap, just making the ones that I do have a little bit better; a little more – just change them – give them a facelift. Just do some different little things that the fish don’t get to see traditionally.

Along the way I’m cleaning up the garage and getting that in order and straightened out. I’m pretty excited about the way it turned out.

So then, I was just doing that, but unfortunately the cold or whatever it was,
I took a turn for the worse on Sunday, Monday and yesterday, Tuesday; I’ve just been having it out with it. I have just been laying around and, really, it was just a crusher!

So, it’s been a pretty rough deal; it’s been like a flu or a cold with flu symptoms. I had NO energy and just go through periods of being really cold and then feeling hot; just really uncomfortable. It is probably the worst thing I have had in over a year. So, it has been pretty rough.

So, I rode that out and I am back up and kinda getting my bearings about myself; starting to do some different things; getting some work done and you know, that is kinda it.

I forgot to mention that I had my birthday on Monday the 28th and that was probably the worst I felt, so didn’t do anything. I pretty much Just laid around and Sandy made some cupcakes. We’re saving a cake for a little bit of a party; some friends are coming over this weekend. I’ll be up more; better able to receive some time with friends that way.

So, it was just a small little birthday cupcake for me and back to the rack! But, doing much better; voice is coming back and I’m starting to clear all of the nasty stuff out of my chest = not that you wanted to know that.

Talk to you next week