Ish Monroe – Table Rock to Lake Norman

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IshBlogWell, as fishing continues after Lake Okeechobee; next was FLW Tour at Table Rock Lake.

Table Rock had the weirdest bed fish EVER. I have never experienced bed fish so weird. Spooky; scary; locked on; that won’t bite. It was just crazy.

But I didn’t fare too well; the interesting note is that I fished right next to one of the guys who finished in the top ten – Jason Christie – the dude’s a super stick – I mean, each day he gets five bites and he catches two big ones.
Each day I get twenty five bites and I catch twenty keepers, but yet he gets five.

You know, the one thing he told me when it was all said and done, that I messed up on, was that he put a punch skirt on his bait and I didn’t do that.

Me, of all people, not putting a Paycheck Baits Punch Skirt on my rig!

So, I am here at Lake Norman this week for the BASS Southern Open and yes, I do have a Paycheck Baits Punch Skirt tied on my Missile Baits D Bomb.

So, I will be at it hard. Yes, I know a little dummy move on my part by not doing that. I just won an event using it and I should have went to the next event using it; but I will be at this next event and I will be doing it at Bull Shoals; but you know Norman is one of the lakes I really like; it is a good fishery; has lots of good fish in it; lots of little fish in it. I’ve got to figure out how to catch a few bigger ones; you know one or two better bites goes a long way!

But I’m also looking forward to some R and R, the following week after we head to Bull Shoals.

So, until next week, wish me luck, and I will let you know how things go at Norman and how I am doing on my R and R.