Skeet’s Beat – Snow Trip

Power Pole

SkeetBlogThere hasn’t been anything really eventful happening this week.

I did an appearance for Berkley at Presley’s Outdoors in Peoria, Ill. and I don’t things went exactly as planned. Normally this time of the year, the area is cold and uncomfortable, but things were really different this year. The weather was in the 70’s, and had been for quite a while, so there weren’t huge crowds of people that came to the event.

I’m sure they were all outside fishing in the unseasonably warm conditions. I’m pretty sure that’s what I would have done too. The first seminar I did had between 50 to 100 people, but there wasn’t really anybody there for the next one. I had a good time anyway, and was glad to meet the people that came.

I bought a turkey call for the girls while I was there. We get a lot of wild turkeys around our house in the fields and I thought it would be cool to play with the call and see if we could get their attention. We haven’t seen any yet this year, but they’ll come.

I’m home now and the girls are on Spring Break, so we’re going to go on a little family vacation to the snow and go snow skiing. The girls have been before, but I’ve not really spent a bunch of time on skis, so it should be interesting to try and get up and go downhill.

I’ve thought about giving snowboarding a try, but when we went up for the girls’ lessons last year, I saw way too many dads out there doing face plants trying to learn. So, that won’t be on my to do list anytime soon. It will be nice to spend some time with Kim and the girls having fun as a family before I have to head back to Bull Shoals for the next Elite Series event.

By the way, I’ve promised you that I would show you the video of me fouling off Doc Halladay’s pitched ball in the bullpen at the Phillies Spring Training camp. I finally got the video home and now I can show it to you.

I learned a little too late that I wasn’t supposed to swing. Nobody got injured and everyone had a good sense of humor about it; even Phillippe Aumont, the 6’8″ pitcher I hit in the forearm. Oops!

Talk to you next week.

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