Dave Lefebre – Toho FLW Tour Wrap Up

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LefebreBlog Cover2015I finished 87th (I think) at Toho. I didn’t even look at the standings I was so disgusted. I’m looking forward to Smith Lake in Alabama in a couple weeks and forgetting about Florida. I made the cut last time we were there in 2012, and I can’t wait to go back. They know how to run events in that place and it’s a great lake too!

I’m so happy to get home from Florida and get big hugs from my awesome kids and wife! I had the most challenging week of my entire career by far. Everything went wrong from the minute I arrived late last Friday night, right up until the second I left for home.

I always wondered how the other guys dealt without having their families with them on the road, and I guess I’m about to find out this year. I’ve had the luxury of traveling with Anne and the kids throughout my entire professional career so far, this will be the first season traveling alone, one vehicle. But if there’s some good news in it all, that one vehicle I will be driving is something a lot of avid fishermen have never heard of, yet it’s so perfect…a Quigley 4×4 Van.

They’ve been around for 40 plus years and they’re from my home state of PA, but like many, I’d never heard of them either. I was thinking about what to do for a tow vehicle, and had already been given a deal from a local Toyota dealer, when I decided to ask my Facebook followers for some last minute advice. One of them mentioned Quigley, and after a quick Google search, I was sold immediately. So I followed that post with another…Toyota or Quigley? The response was unanimous, and thankfully I took their advice.

Dave-Lefebre-Quigley-4x4I went to their headquarters on my way to Toho, met the family, toured the plant, and signed a deal on the spot. I’ve had a lot of great partnerships over the years, and to me at this point, the people behind the product are more important than the product. When you get the best of both worlds, that’s when you’ve really got something special. I’m looking forward to a long relationship with the Quigleys and appreciate their willingness and enthusiasm to support me and bass tournament fishing scene in general.

My new Quigley 4×4 is awesome, extremely comfortable, spacious, and I’ve had more compliments on it in my first trip than I’ve had on every other tow vehicle over the years combined…and it’s not even wrapped yet, it’s an eye-catcher for sure!

I’ll be posting pictures soon, in the meantime, check them out at: http://www.quigley4x4.com

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Talk to you later! ~D