Ish Monroe – What Off Season?

Bucks Falcon Mercury

IshBlogWell, the off season is not so much an off season, you know.

Things have been really, really crazy between, starting out the last time I talked to you guys – Major League Fishing has been going on; I did the SIMMS Day on the Delta – had to talk about the SIMMS Gear and teach guys how to layer and how important it is to layer and especially because the winter is coming up.

The River2Sea Tournament – I had to work that event; that was a great event; a lot of fish caught; congratulations to Kenny Mah for catching them pretty good.

Overall, things have just been super busy dealing with a lot of business stuff; contracts with sponsors; I rigged my first boat that I’m going to use on the Elite Tour with the River2Sea wrap on it.

Things have been pretty much completely out of control when it comes to that; getting that stuff done is a pretty hard thing to do.

You know, there is a lot else going on; getting that second boat rigged and making sure that you are ready for the next season, so, between rigging boats and getting stuff done, you know, prepping for the next season it has been crazy.  It has been no off time, you know, I would like to take a vacation here and get some time off.

Getting all my Daiwa equipment ready for the next season and pretty much getting all the new baits; working on some new colors and baits – things like that.

So, it is pretty much an ongoing process and no time off.

Until next time…