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NiggemeyerBlogWell, it has been some time since we have done a blog It has been some time since the Elite Series has wrapped up there in St. Clair and I drove home and had some appointments and different things like that – stayed busy all the way to where I got home.  And then I picked up where I left off, like every time where I have left home, is right back into my Lake Fork Guide Service and had a few trips there and then also, I got ready, got prepared tackle and different things like that for the final BASS Central Open over at Muskogee, Oklahoma on the Arkansas River.

This was a really challenging event; there was a lot of low weight event: hey, congratulations to the gentleman that won that event was a local angler who did a great job – he’s done well there in the past getting a top ten every time.

You know, that first day, I struggled and only had three, but I had different opportunities to fill my limit – I had three different fish on at different times throughout the day.

I was running about fifty miles one way, and by the time I got down there I only had about four to five hours each day, so I had to make every bite count.  I just wasn’t getting a lot of bites; it felt like I was kind of around the right time, but just never made it happen that first day.

The second day I had a better day, I had four that weighed ten pounds and that two to two and a half pound range is what you are looking for; and I lost two again on that second day.

My co-angler though, he had an exceptional day; first day he really struggled and then with me, had almost eleven pounds with three fish which is a co-angler limit – and he went on to make the top twelve based on that one day weight he did great.

He was throwing a Strike King spinnerbait but he had tweaked it out with his special likings and the bass really, really wanted to eat it! It wasn’t on fire; it was one here and one there and he got those good bites.

I jumped over thirty places and missed the cut by eleven ounces – the money cut that was and it was tough and I felt like salvaging on day two; moving up thirty places really made a difference.  Unfortunately didn’t get any money, but, I moved on.

I did a pod-cast with Bass Edge Radio, too. That’s some cool stuff that Bass Edge is doing; did one of those with them and Aaron Martin and Kurt Dove are the hosts of that radio program and they do a wonderful job.

I also fished the Everstart down at Sam Rayburn; but I fished two different Bass and Bucks team on Lake Fork and got the last check on that one.  Made some bad decisions on that day, but oh well.

I continue to guide on Lake Fork every chance I get between tournaments, the business is going well, and I’m building a solid customer base.  Along with that, I’m getting ready for the 2014 Bassmaster Elite Series season.

A lot to do, and I’ll keep you updated along the way.