Dave Lefebre – One More Guntersville

Power Pole

LefebreBlogAt least the drive to Alabama’s Lake Guntersville was nice, a little 45-minute delay between Cincinnati and Louisville, but other than that…good. Unfortunately things have been everything but good since I got here, lol.

The cabin we had booked for the week came complete with its own little friends who liked to tick across the floor as soon as you turned the lights off. It was 1:00 AM, so I couldn’t really go looking for another place to stay. Needless to say I got a grand total of 2 hours of sleep that night.

My family couldn’t make it to this one, so I am staying with my co-angler again, Tom Rizzo and his wife, Gwen. They found another house on the lake and we thankfully got out of that other infested joint. We are now staying close to Buck Island right on the water with our own boat garage and launch ramp. We even have a regulation pool table in the living room, its very nice place.

Right now I’m getting ready to drive 1 ½ north to Hixson, TN, my motor blew up on the first morning of practice right out of the gate, it was perfect! It was Sunday of course, and everything was closed, so I couldn’t get a hold of anyone.

Thankfully, Art Ferguson let me ride along with him for a few hours so I could at least see the lake. Thanks Arty! On the second day of practice, Monday, I started calling around and ended up having to drive my boat up to Chattanooga Fish N Fun http://www.chattanoogafishnfun.com. Lee Haas (the owner) and his team are awesome, they got my boat right in and got the parts I needed right away. So now I’m going back to get my boat and load her back up.

A generous co-angler fishing this event brought his boat and let Tom and I use it on the 3rd and final day of practice, so that worked out great. I emptied my boat out and loaded up his boat with all my stuff, and believe me it was way too much stuff. Its so hard to not bring everything you own because the fishing is so tough here right now. I had 18 rods on the deck, ha ha! I think I found some fish (I think) but I’m worried about this one more than any other in the past.

The top 5 in the standings after this event qualify for next year’s Forrest Wood Cup and I’m currently in 5th, that means I need to catch some fish, which for me at least is not going to be easy. This tournament is shaping up to be a local’s dream…extra tough fishing and a super major cold front on top of it. Yesterday’s high was 84 and today it is 53; it happens every time!