James Niggemeyer – Home and Away Again

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NiggemeyerBlogI’m at the Strike King Writer’s Conference now, but I’d been home for a couple
of weeks now and was really just starting to get in the groove of being home.
I’d been on the road for so long that it took a little bit of a transition
period just to get used to being home.

I was able to finish a project
that I promised my wife Sandy for her birthday which was over two months ago;
but I was able to get that done – it came out really nice. I built some rain
barrels to collect water so she could water her garden, which is a ways from the
house so water over there is kind of difficult to get to.

Aside from
projects around the house, I started working on tackle too. I started getting in
some of the new stuff from ICAST 2012, the new stuff for 2013, a lot of
incredible stuff from my sponsors.

In case you forgot, St. Croix won Best
of Show for their new Legend Extreme rod – which is JUST incredible! I mean, to
put it in my hand now that I have it, is just incredible. I really enjoy fishing
it. It is super light and super sensitive – the guides are modified micro guide
size and just a really nice rod. It performs extremely well, better than I could
have expected.

A couple of other things that I have been able to do is to
get some of the new baits that Strike King introduced at ICAST. They released
several new body shapes and new colors. I use the fall offseason to get used to
fishing some of those new baits so that I can understand what they do once we’re
in competition. I’ve been able to go out and fish a couple of the local lakes
near my house and some of the fall fishing has really kicked into high gear,
they are chasing baits an it’s been a lot of fun.

One of the other things
that I have been able to get my hands on is the Strike King Tour Grade Tungsten
Slither Rig. It’s got a tungsten weight with a skirt attached and for Flippin’
that’s really cool!

Another new body design that they have is the Strike
King Shellcracker and that is an awesome little flippin’ bait as well. When they
are on bluegill or big shad, that bait really gets bites. I bet I’ll also be
able to use it for bedfishing too.

So not much other than that, really.
I’ve able to put some of that stuff through the paces and I’ve got some guide
trips coming up and then the Strike King Conference that I mentioned earlier.
So, I wasn’t home for very long but, I’ve been busy and it was really nice being
home for even just the little time that I was. That’s it for now – we’ll talk
with you later.

Oh, I almost forgot. I’m booking guide trips now for Lake
Fork for the fall bite, which is just about to bust wide open. So, if you want
to fish Fork – one of the best bass lakes in the country – check my website and
give me a call.