Ish Monroe – Tackle Prep for 2013

Power Pole

IshBlogWell, tackle prep continues you know! Getting down to crunch time.

I have still constantly been hitting the gym; especially after Thanksgiving. You know, you always pack on a few extra pounds around Thanksgiving. I spent my Thanksgiving down in Del Rio, Tex. hanging out with Byron Velvick and his family. The weather was nice – it was warm and kind of awesome; and then back to Cali so I can continue my tackle prep.

The Daiwa order showed up and it’s pretty amazing the new equipment Daiwa has come out with for this next year; you know, the new LEXA reels – I am really fired up about using those…the Cielo rods that they revamped – I mean, these things are awesome!

And, my new girlfriend, the Steez EX 2508 Spinning reel.

Yes, everybody knows how I talk about spinning reels; call them fairy wands?? but man, this reel is SO amazing! I might just have to marry it
IshTacklePrepfor2013because the way it feels in my hands is so awesome and I might just become a dropshotting freak and give Aaron Martens a run for his money.

It’s awesome; it’s amazing, you know it’s simply how I can put it; it is the best spinning reel out there on the market; with 13 ball bearings – how

Really, just getting down to buckle time – all my batteries are in from Smart Battery – getting ready for two sets of boats – my wiring for
my Lowrance HGS units; even for the new Gen2 Touch. I mean, it’s really got me ready to go; I mean there are so many things I have to do before I go. That’s why it takes so long to prep.

But, I am ready and just waiting for my Ranger boats to get here – my motors are on their way from Yamaha and hopefully by January first I’m heading back to Florida for the first event.

Until next time; talk to you guys later!