Jay Kumar’s BassBlaster App Now Available

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CLINTON, NJ — The popular Jay Kumar’s BassBlaster daily bass fishing email is now available as a mobile app on the iTunes and Android stores.

“We made the BassBlaster available by app for a couple reasons,” Kumar said. “One is obviously that the world is going increasingly mobile, so content has to be tailored accordingly. Email is ideal for that, and the pushed, quick-read content of the BassBlaster makes for a seamless move to the app environment.

“Another reason is we’re not concerned with content cemented in place, like on a website. We’re producing content that can live wherever and however people want to consume it, whether that’s email, an app, social media, a website or whatever else comes along.”

The app was built in partnership with Advanced SW Technologies of Chesapeake, Va. “As a bass fisherman and tech geek, I’m excited to be working with Jay and Sasquatch Media to roll out the BassBlaster app and more in the future,” said ASW president and CEO Vic Spence. ANYTHING ELSE?

About Sasquatch Media
Sasquatch Media specializes in enthusiast digital media, particularly in the fishing and hunting markets. Current areas of focus are mobile media and apps, pushed content and results-driven social media. Although the company primarily develops its own properties – including BassGold, the ultimate bass patterning app – it also provides consulting services to a few select clients.