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I want to say that I uphold one of the rules that you don’t do – and that is get caught up in the “dock talk” – I got caught up in the “dock talk.”
I roomed with the offshore specialist guys – Mike Iaconelli, John Crews – they can catch them offshore.

Me – myself – I can catch them offshore, but I would prefer to fish shallow and there was every possible sort of structure that I wanted to fish – up shallow – but I did not take advantage of it.

I still got a check –didn’t do as well as I wanted to and felt like I could have done better.  But when your roommates go out there and they are catching 28 to 25 pound bags out deep and you know the tournament’s going to be won out deep you kind of want to go out there.

But, then there was this one California guy, Chris Zaldain – he ended up finishing in the top twelve fishing shallow and it was a mistake that I made because I didn’t practice enough shallow and I should have.

I spent a lot of time deep and I fished the first day of the tournament deep and at noon I had two little fish in the boat and I went shallow and caught 13 pounds which put me in check contention.

So, the rule for the week is do not get caught up in the “dock talk.”  So, for me, no more “dock talk.”

I had a week off for R and R at my buddy’s house at Table Rock Lake – James Watson – and now to LaCrosse, Wis. for the next B.A.S.S. Elite on a place where they can say everything they want – they can tell me the Senko bite is on; the drop shot bite is on; the spinnerbait bite is on and I am going to punch and throw a frog for the whole tournament.

It had a lot of rain, so the flippin’ might be good, but I am going to spend my time punching and flipping – that’s not listening to anyone telling me they are catching them off shore – and I am going to flip and I am going to throw a frog.
So, hopefully it pans out!

On my next blog – hopefully another W out there hopefully for Ish Monroe and that will be about it!

Oh, by the  way, a belated Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there – especially my Dad!