Ish Monroe – Work is Never Done

Bucks Falcon Mercury

IshBlogJust because the season is over, doesn’t mean a Professional Angler’s work is done for the year. Now I’ve been on the road as usual, getting things done; visiting with sponsors, I went to the Ranger factory – and I sold my boat; taking care of business out on the road trying to promote Team Bass ADX and just kinda also still having fun.

I haven’t been getting much fishing in because I’ve been busy with promotional work. I did the FINS Seminar at Angler’s Marine the Santee, Calif. store. Angler’s Marine is SoCal’s largest Ranger Boats dealer and they do a large amount of tackle sales each year too.

After FINS then I did a Fisherman’s Warehouse top water seminar there and then to the 10th Annual Snag Proof on the California Delta – to work, not fish, which I think sucks! But, you know it wouldn’t be fair because you know, for me to go out and win the thing on my PHAT frog; yeah, it wouldn’t be fair.
But as you can see, a Professional Angler’s work is never done. And then hopefully, after that get some R and R, but at the same time still hit the gym; you know, four to five days a week, cuz you gotta be in prime shape, especially going in to the 2012 Bassmaster Classic.

Also, if you guys haven’t heard that I’ve signed with two new sponsors.
The first one is River2Sea which I’m really excited about because they are letting me design some new hard baits that I think are really gonna catch ‘em in the upcoming years. The manufacturing capabilities of River2Sea are tremendous, and along with new stuff we’re working on; they’ve got a great product line.

And then I also signed with SIMMS Outer Wear, so yes, I have Team Bass ADX gear, but SIMMS Outer Wear is the stuff that keeps me covered up when it rains and when I’m out there on the water and it’s a little cold and misty.
So that’s pretty much it on my end, if you get a chance, check out the Team Bass ADX Gear and see you next time!