Jay Yelas – Long Road Trip

Power Pole

YelasBlogI am in the middle of a 30 day road trip. It seems like it has been over 100 degrees everyday, and I am missing the Oregon Coast!

After Pickwick, I headed to Ouachita for 3 days of practice for the Cup. I stayed with my good friends Mark and Tilly Davis and had a great time. Mark is still as good on the grill as he used to be. Scott and Rosey stayed there too. Scott and I pulled a fast one on Rosey and Mark one night while they were out planting brush. It had something to do with a bright spotlight and flashing blue light, but I will save the details for another time. Let’s just say we thought it was pretty funny, but they didn’t see it quite the same way!

Ouachita will fish better than it did in 07, simply because there are more fish in the lake. However, it is a time of year when bass fishin is slow and weights aren’t too big. I think 50# will win the tournament for 4 days.

Jill and the girls flew to Texas last Friday for Hannah’s softball tournament this week. I drove down and picked them up. Hannah’s Oregon Panthers team qualified for the ASA 14U Nationals. There are 103 teams here from all over the USA. Its an awesome deal for the girls. So I have been kicking back, spending my week watching some good softball. Hannah threw a complete game win 6-1 over a California team yesterday, so that was a thrill for her. I have a couple more days here to cheer on her team, then its back to Hot Springs for the Forrest Wood Cup!